Thursday, August 09, 2007

The 'third' story of my thursday-thirteen big huge cheat dirtiest story

The third story that popped into my head isn’t uncommon at all, it isn’t even unique – but it is one of my son’s favorite stories. My darling was still wearing diapers to bed, so he must have been under 30 months old. I honestly can’t remember when he was fully potty trained, but I actually think it was about 26 mos. old – my children potty trained very easily and so all were trained very close to two years old! in fact… we moved into our house now when he was 21 months old, so he was younger than that. Let’s call it 18 months old for a nice round number. My son NEVER cried when he woke up, didn’t need me for anything first thing – not food, not diaper, not love. He would just wake up and play, and he always woke up at 6:30 am without fail from the first time he slept through the night to as recently as a year ago – 6:30 like a clock. (Now he’s in high school and we don’t see him that soon anymore, I suspect he still wakes up at 6:30 but then goes back to sleep in an effort to be more normal). So as long as he was happy, I wouldn’t risk waking up my daughters – they shared a room, with two cribs for the babies and a bed for my oldest – just to get him up. So I could hear him on the baby monitor kind of babbling to himself, but basically very very quietly playing. I was getting breakfast ready so I could just haul them all down and feed them. I heard the oldest wake up and begin shrieking with laughter. So I hauled my one cup of coffee self up to see what was so hilarious that we had to scream about it. My boy, my darling sweet couldn’t stand to have food on his hands while he ate and you had to wipe his mouth and hands between every bite boy, had taken up art. You know the kind the I-had-a-poopy-diaper-and-I-took-it-off-all-by-myself-mom-and-look-what-I-drew-for-you art… all over the wall, and the crib, and the other wall, it was wonderful really – poop everywhere and in the poop… lot’s of ‘Ds’… yes my son was learning to write the first letter of his name with poop, what a joy, he was brilliant, a genius, and he was covered in stinky shit to boot.


baseballmom said...

OMG, it's one of those thing where you just have to LAUGH, if for no other reason than to prevent bursting into tears or swear words! How funny.

Jen said...

How many of these do you have? LOL!I can just see it!

momumo said...

well thirteen - that's where the 'big cheat' comes in - I can't possibly expect ya'll to read thirteen at once, so you get one of the thirteen each thursday (with luck)... three kids in 2.5 years, and they are teenagers now... I have lots of dirty stories!