Tuesday, August 14, 2007

over 1000

well, Barry Bonds is in the news for his new numbers, and so is Alex Rodgriguez, so I think that I will let you all know that I have broken a big number too. I have had over 1000 hits on my page. Well it probably happened awhile back because I didn't put a counter up for the first couple of years, but I also didn't put up many posts then either. Still, I only get a few comments, perhaps I am not controversial enough - though when I do write something passionate and controversial, it usually doesn't get any comments (I think my blog-"friends" probably all disagree with me and don't want to hurt my feelings, which is really sweet of them and I appreciate that). So maybe I'm too whiney - although I generally try to present the funny side of whiney? -- well anyhow, I actually think it's that I keep getting found by people who don't actually speak English and also, I'm pretty certain that a pretty high percentage of that 1000 is me... my address at work changes daily so I can't have it not counted.

Anyhow, I just read a great post over at Wiping up Snot - well actually it was written by Karly and posted here, those of you who homeschool (or have an interest in the choices people make about their kids' education) should check it out - and the comments, because they are very thought provoking. Also over at Never a Dull Moment comes this gem, not sure if I can somehow justify that being 'favorite parenting comment of the week' though, I am tempted.

And just a few things I am excited about, we managed to find a free weekend to get away, and we are going to do just that - the whole family, imagine! The boy is playing Quarterback (he'll be so much easier to spot and watch now!). My girls helped me at an event for work yesterday and they made me SO PROUD they were amazing and mature and worked their asses off - it made me really happy. Oh, and oldest has a date tomorrow with what appears to be a very nice boy - (I told my mom, I have very little information to make this judgement so if it turns out he's an asshole don't hold me to this early review). Youngest will test for pointe this week (again) and she is certain that she will make it this time, so we will be off to Boulder (yes we really live that close to someplace famous) to buy pointe shoes - and oldest lost her glasses at the water park the other day (she never loses anything so I'm not really angry at all) and now we will have to add those twelve appointments to the agenda - like I'm not busy enough.

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