Wednesday, August 29, 2007

in case you were wondering??

Here’s more about me:

Accent–I don’t have one – I’m a native of Colorado – however I do have a condition that my children refer to as ‘contagious accent’ – whenever I speak to someone with an accent I begin to pick it up immediately

I don’t drink–anything fru-fru and candy-assed – if you are old enough to have a drink, it should not taste like liquefied cotton candy!

Pets–at the moment – two dogs, one is my daughter’s – have had hundreds of pets in my life (mom was great about letting us bring damn near anything home) including rabbits, turtles, crabs, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, birds, cats, dogs, pigs, goats… never had a snake – Dad has a phobia

Essential Electronics–what a strange thought – I don’t actually think I have any – clearly I love my computer, but when the power goes out I don’t freak out, I just grab a book and a cup of tea and enjoy the silence… oh wait, there is that menopause shit starting, so yeah fans and air-conditioners and the ilk

Perfume–J’ai Osè

Gold or Silver- neither I have an aversion to jewelry (my wedding band is gold)

Insomnia–um yeah that menopause shit is starting – nuff said

Job Title–data/finance specialist – this means that any kind of paper that comes into our office ends up with my fingerprints on it

Most Admired Trait–I’m not sure I have one – sense of humor?

Least Admired Trait-probably my lack of diplomacy (although people are always saying “oh no, it’s great, I like a straight shooter” and you can tell they are offended as hell)

Kids–Girl, Boy, Girl – 15 months between each – all teenagers at the moment – and all still alive – at the moment


Religion–Religious Science (no not Christian Science or Scientology)

Siblings–6 brothers, 4 older, two younger, three of which are foster brothers and one adopted us… two older sisters – we girls are all 5.5 years apart, making the oldest 11 years older than I, and yet people always think she is my younger sister which really pisses me off.

Time I Wake Up–lately I wake up about 1:30am, 4:00am, and 5:15 am, I generally get up about 5:45-6:00 am, but it varies widely based on where I am sleeping, what I am wearing, and who else is already up.

Unusual Talent or Skill–I can wiggle my ears and my nose, I can do that thing where you raise one eyebrow, and I can fold my lips up really weirdly – I can even do all of this simultaneously!

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat–Okra -- what the hell, ewwwww

Worst Habit–potty mouth?

X-rays–again strange—well dental, and I broke my back when I was 17 – I can’t think of any others, but I certainly can recall the feel of those lead apron deals

My Favorite Meal–probably ‘round steak roll-ups’, but dang gina, it could be different every day – I’m not much on ‘favorites’ I just can’t commit

Leaving this as an open tag. Whoever wants to play is invited. Have a good weekend!


Jen said...

Sometimes liquefied cotton candy has its place; I'm more of a Fat Tire gal myself. Or wine.
Why on earth did I think you had all boys? Or a majority of boys?
That's a crapload of siblings.
Okra only in gumbo.
And how do you make round steak roll-ups?

momumo said...

rofl @ you and all your questions - I thought this was intended to ANSWER questions (smirk)

aha - Fat Tire (do you think they drink it as much outside of Colorado?) I like the occasional Fat Tire but I am more of a Coors Original girl (I know I know canoe beer)

It is a crapload - and the boys all shared the same bedroom! (There were never more than four at home at one time)

I can take it in gumbo, but pickled, ewwwww

I will have to post that recipe sometime, it is rather awesome! No one who has ever tried it has ever disliked it - but it is A LOT of standing around to prepare it.