Tuesday, December 04, 2007

just babbling

well I guess I should just babble a bit since it's been OVER A MONTH since my last post. This having a senior in High School thing is quite demanding - even if she does the bulk of the driving -- work has been pretty demanding, well demanding is a bit strong, but busy, definitely busy - we just hop from event to event without much break in between to recover from the last. My office is a complete explosion - today is clean the office day and tie up lots of loose ends. Trying to some degree to get ready for the holiday - not really in the spirit (I never am till the last minute though). I have had the Cold from hell for TWO freakin weeks -- I never get this sick, or stay this sick, or even for that matter stay sick this long -- and every day it's a different aspect that is center stage, stayed up coughing in the middle of the night, so today is the sore throat (scratchy from coughing, not swollen glands, though that was the first day or two). Football season turned out wonderfully - they went to the playoffs, we had a road trip over to the other side of the continental divide for playoff football, that was fun! Got to know some of the football parents in a new way, travelling together always reveals some things you didn't know before (like which mom's have been sneaking booze into the games - hey I'm not one of them, and which mom's are flirts, and which dad's are p.w., and which parents baby their boys, etc.) -- my dancer hasn't danced in weeks, poor thing has a stress fracture - she can swim though. Both daughters are swimming, have had two meets, it's been pretty good - though oldest daughter lost her class ring at the meet this weekend. The boy isn't pitching, he has the equivalent of osgood schlatter (sp?) in his elbow, taking off til after the first of the year to rest it. He is working out for baseball on other stuff, and lifting in the weight room. Husband is busy with work, that is a good thing - even though people who don't know what he sells are bitching about any winter weather at all (which we honestly have barely had a taste of). Talked to my "sister" in France -- found out she hurt herself this summer far worse than I thought from her email (her English is not great) -- apparently she fell and hit her head on a rock and was in a coma for a few days -- in the hospital for over a month, then home for over a month, still couldn't do anything for the tremendous dizziness, so she went back to the hospital to have all those little tiny bones inside of her ear "re-built" -- she is finally back to work in November from an accident in July!!! I can't imagine having those little bones "re-built" -- and the thick French accent on "zose tiney leeetle bones" was a bit amusing in it's way also. I'm regretting my big idea of volunteering for a huge thing at school to make up for blowing off and only taking baked goods for a couple of years -- WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOO MANY POLITICS! These women who had me convinced they were all reasonable logical normal people have slowly shown themselves to be a whole new version of "graham cracker moms". Well that's about all I've got that's light hearted, maybe now that I've got the light hearted stuff out of the way I can post some 'meaty' stuff in the days to come.