Friday, February 18, 2005

This Week

It's been a hectic week. Our new SUPER software has had issues, my kids have had issues, and it seems that everywhere I turn there's a new fire to put out or someone's nerves to calm or something going on that just pisses me off. I'm hoping for a little bit of recovery tonight while my family and I are Reeking Havoc at the NBA All Star festivities here in Denver. We got a really good deal on some tickets for the Rookie Challenge (they were free actually), so even though I think professional basketball is actually neither (neither professional nor basketball), I plan to enjoy watching my kids enjoy themselves. I didn't get my Godiva chocolates with a chance to win 52 new pair of shoes for Valentines - pout pout. Two out of three of my darling children are letting their grades slip - okay how about something stronger than slip, like dive off a cliff into an abyss. And when I went to Costco day before yesterday, my membership was up for renewal. The thing that pissed me off was that even though it expired in December, I hadn't used it since, so I was renewing in February. Wouldn't you think the renewal would be good through February of 2006. Well no it is not - it expires again in December. 1.5 months is not that big of a deal, but it just pissed me off. Actually it hasn't been that rough of a week, and I shouldn't complain, but it seemed like the way to go when I got started. I take it back, it's been hectic in some respects, but I'm leaving on time today, and that beats the hell out of last week!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

stolen from my mom's email

My mom has stayed home and raised children, her own, other peoples, and helping with her grandkids since 1955! She has CONTINUOUSLY had a young person in her home, attending public school in our county since my sister started kindergarten in 1961. She worked pre-kids, and she worked a few times over the years, but not for more than a couple years at a time, and always with a schedule that didn't prevent her from being there for all of us (approximately 15 kids) at our activities, etc. She has NEVER had a job that required use of a computer, she knew NOTHING when she bought one, so like many other people with her background... I had to set up her email, therefore, I know the password - which she is perfectly happy with, I get calls "Can you log into my email and print out those pictures that cousin so and so just sent" "can you get in my email and figure out why I can't open that attachment", etc. She's not dumb, far from it, she has a college degree, and a lot of COMMON SENSE (her degree is in psychology and her father said, "well what do you want to do that for, it's just horse sense and you have more of that than you know what to do with"), and she is a quick study-when she has to know it, you should see her do her thing with her stocks and funds, but if it's easier to have me do it, she will... and she does still have some technophobia, but she's getting better - she bought a bunch of stuff on ebay last week, and even set up her paypal account. Okay so the point of all this rambling is... She left for Montana to visit a dear friend and she told me to go into her email and steal the address for the home where she was visiting if I needed it. So I did. And then I looked around (she really doesn't care, I told her I did and she wanted me to go back and read more). Because she is in CONSTANT contact with all of these "cousins" etc. who are into genealogy and they are all the time sending stuff back and forth to each other (it's a bit of an obsessive hobby if you ask me, and these people have no patience, they want 100 year old pictures that they never had during their 60 year lifetime overnighted cuz they just can't wait, lol) and her emails are therefore very interesting to me. I am very interested in my genealogy, but I don't have time to wash my underwear, I certainly don't have time to be overnighting funeral notices from 1897 to my 14th cousin twice removed in Pahrump, Nevada - so I feed my interest by snooping in my mother's email (and of course hearing her tell me each detail every morning while we have our telephone koffee klatch)... Oh yeah I had an idea for a post when I was reading her email, thats the point...

so, from Mom's email (from some genealogical contact in the UK):

But a more amusing bit in my paper today :
"I was thinking of starting a PhD, but I've realised I can't use my degrees because no one will give me a job."
This was the comment of Bernhard Herzberg who has received his MA degree at the age of 95, which is believed to make him the oldest new graduate in the country.!
The other amusing story. At her funeral in Wales, an unmarried lady directed that her will was to be read by the minister at her funeral. The relatives were staggered to discover that she left all her money of almost £1million to charity and her house & Garden to the local children's hospice. She was never a rich lady until 3 years ago she won almost £1million in the Lottery. She never told anybody about the win and kept it all secret. The relatives must have been a little dissapointed, to say the least.!

well it made me giggle


I think I have made a severe error... I have given up the 'F' word for Lent -- going to have to see how that goes. All I can say to myself is "good luck with that"

This could be me

When I am old, and my children leave me alone with my "stuff"... not quite to the ceiling now, but getting close! An Omen

Monday, February 07, 2005


Geez it's been a month since I posted (I knew I wouldn't be very good at this). My husband and I were enjoying one of those rare moments alone the other morning after the kids left for school and before either of us actually dragged our asses outta the house to go to work (okay he actually works in an office downstairs, but he hadn't dragged his ass down the stairs yet) ~ so we were enjoying this moment together, okay I was sitting at the computer reading the news and smoking and he was clear across the room surfing morning news shows and eating Fruit Loops, but we were alone in the house together ~ one of the morning news shows (Good Morning America?) had a story on about a woman who had been awarded her husband's entire collection of baseball memorabilia in her divorce and she is selling it on ebay. They interviewed this woman, and she was making herself out to be this enormous victim, how he spent all their money on baseball stuff and how he even hid it and stole from her, poor poor pitiful her... I'm just saying because you don't marry a guy and THEN find out he's obsessed with baseball. Those of us who are obsessed with baseball do have a few telltale signs that even strangers can generally pick up on. She really is accountable on some level, for marrying him in the first place, and then for being a nasty anti-baseball bitch and not supporting his hobby a little so that she had some control over encouraging some compromise "you can buy the Micky Mantle rookie card, but not the bat because we need to eat between now and next pay day". So I'm sorta talking back to the television during this piece and stating my opinion about how ridiculous the whole thing is, when she puts the icing on the cake. She stated that he sold his car to go to Cooperstown, and that was the final straw and she had to divorce him. I turned to look at my husband (we went to Cooperstown last summer, yes I was overwhelmed with emotion and cried), and I said "so?". My darling has been going around telling everyone he knows that his wife fully approves of selling the family car to go to Cooperstown. Personally, I think the guy is better off without her, too damn bad about his collection though -- I hope he gets to bid on some of it on ebay and get it back. I for one have a few rookie cards and other treasures, and I would NEVER sell them to anyone ever, because it's not about the value, it's about the love and passion and determination that went into acquiring them.

p.s. I can even understand selling the car to go to Canton, but only if you were going for the induction of someone incredible like "sweetness".