Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my baby is becoming an adult :(

This graduating Senior stuff is SO hard. I truly am happy that she made it, that she got into the school that she wanted, that she's doing so great and loving her new place in the world... but I really hate it too. I just want to scoop her up on my lap and read her a book and have her drink "aboo" out of her sippy cup. I want to watch her funny little waddle as she jumps down and totters over to the books and chooses a new one. I want to put her hair up in pigtails (while she screams and battles me) and put her little socks and shoes on for her. I DO NOT want to buy her any more stuff for her dorm, I do not want to have any more talks about sex and drugs and alcohol and stupid freshman decisions, I do not want to talk about $$ anymore either -- the school she chose is actually pretty affordable comparitively, but still... this whole college $$ thing, UGH! She wants a new bikini for her graduation party (we are having it at a beach... at a lake, we aren't having a destination graduation party, lol)... and I want it to be like those silly little ones that you buy them when they are still all baby fatty and the "bra" part is a silly little strip of bright green with pink flowers and you can actually tell what the fabric is because it's way bigger than the bikinis that are worn after the boobs arrive. Oh oh and the ruffles on the butt, yeah I want it to have ruffles on the butt!!! I have to take her dress to the cleaners today for prom, I don't want her to go to prom, I want her to go to a disney movie with me. I'm faking it well, being very happy for all these milestones and happy days... I'm going to make her "montage" (it's a collage-you know on poster-board, I don't know why the parent coordinators keep calling it a montage... I think a vocabulary lesson is in order) tonight, because it has to be turned in tomorrow... I'm sure that will put me in a very blue mood. She's working though, so I should be able to disguise it. I'm putting in lots of baby fat pictures with modest baby clothes and cute shoes that I had control over choosing!!! And her blonde hair and blue eyes, she had the biggest blue eyes... now her hair is brown and her eyes are hazel.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

holy crap... i still remember my password!

Well... I see that it's been ridiculously long since I have posted. To any of you who actually still have me on your RSS or some such thing, I am still alive, but I don't promise a great post here... I didn't come in with anything in mind to post, and I only have a short time here. I am bar-b-cueing chicken, well turning the chicken for the husband while he runs to pick up the daughter at girl scouts... and it's not working out all that well, I went out and turned it -- he mentioned that he wanted it to cook slowly, and it was... then I went back to turn it, and well not much change... oh joy, the burners were off, we were gassing our chicken -- I sure hope it's okay to eat after it actually cooks now that I re-lit the damn grill. Also making potatoes au gratin, so I'm being all domestic, which btw, hasn't been happening all that much around here lately... more of that later. I promise to all 2 of my faithful readers... I will post more regularly, it is sort of a "spring cleaning" oath for me. oh crap, chicken timer again... I'll be back soon!