Friday, August 24, 2007

oops... I missed Thursday

We have an event at work this weekend, I have an event at the kids' school this weekend, and my husband/father belong to the same lodge that also has an event this weekend - and it's our wedding anniversary (happy we still like each other to us!) And I had a 'fruit delivery' yesterday - which basically means I do 80 bazillion hours of work so a bunch of girls have money to spend on their activities and such... it's not all bad - anyhow - I missed Thursday - well I just read my document "dirtiest stories" - because if you are following along I am cheating and I wrote thirteen stories, but I'm posting them one at a time because it's still thursday, and it's still thirteen - but you could never read my long winded rants all at once... and then I don't have to think of stuff for my TT. Anyhow, I was going to just put one up late, but then I realized, you are probably sick of reading about poop and mud (and the next one is puke -- woohoo) so I think I will just skip this week.

aha - the mailman is here, and it's a man, not the girl we usually have, and he's cute (I've always had a thing for men in uniform, even mailmen) -- my mom used to tease me about rating the ones in the neighborhood where we lived - and low and behold eventually #1 became her mailman, and even a friend of hers of sorts - she invited him to the lodge one summer (after I was married and pregnant) -- anyhow, this guy would probably rate about a #3 - not too shabby - well he's gone now - no more eye candy out the window for me.

I had so many thoughts this weekend of things I would love to post about that my "readers" would enjoy, and now that my fingers are on the keyboard will a single one of them come back to me - ugh NO.

We went to the lodge this weekend, what a glorious place that is - you know you have those certain places in your life where everything just goes away and is replaced by relaxation and peace - the lodge is one of those. I can drink all day and all night and never be drunk - which is crazy because it's higher altitude than where I live - I never think about money or bills or work or anything remotely stressful - we play cribbage, go out on the boat, play on the wave runner, this year we canoed a little and the kids took the kayaks out for a bit. We eat great food - usually simple, but great - the woman who is the hostess there is a great cook - and a really good meal planner. We arrived Friday afternoon/evening, unpacked the car - K (youngest) went down to the lake, S (oldest) was thrilled because she had cell phone coverage and could 'text' her boyfriend all weekend, she camped out at the game table with her phone and a deck of cards to play solitaire, and I hit the porch, sat around having some nice conversation, a beer, and just let the drive (which was not bad at all) fade out of me. My mom and I greeted our friends and just relaxed. The ladies who had already been there eventually went to make some burritoes for dinner and I had another beer and a short little cruise around the lake on the boat. We hung out after dinner chatting and catching up on all the improvements they had made to the building, then we watched something on t.v. - I found that I was suddenly as tired as I had been in ages and went up to bed. My girls were already up there in their room and I climbed in bed with K and we lay on her bed teasing with S about her boyfriend and helping her come up with silly questions to ask him -- we giggled and laughed for about an hour - then K and I went into my room and went to bed - she decided to leave her sister alone for the night.

Saturday morning I slept in - got up about 9:30 - shocked the heck outta me when I looked at the clock. Had some great coffee, some fresh bagels, and then one of the ladies makes the ultimate bloody mary's - so I had one of those. Helped K rig her fishing line and she took off to do a little fishing from the dock, S put on some shorts and headed for the beach to maybe play on the wave runner, I wandered down and sat on the deck of the boathouse for a bit drinking my bloody mary and then wandered back up to the lodge and helped fix some potato salad, in the middle of slicing potatoes my mother came through the back door with that "something is bad" voice calling my name - I dropped my knife and ran to meet her only to find out that K had taken the wave runner out and was being chased back to the lodge by the sheriff - not a good thing. I boogied my butt down to the beach, but the other adults down there were already getting her off the wave runner and there she stood in the lagoon talking to the sheriff, who never even asked which of us was her parent, just read her the riot act about cutting off boats, making a wake in a no-wake area - and ahem... splashing him! Yes, she was close enough to the sheriff when she cut off his boat, in the no-wake zone, and took off full throttle, leaving a wake and splashing the sheriff - oh yeah and... she never heard them trying to stop her or their sirens as they chased her across the lake. Needless to say, she was done driving the wave runner for the weekend. (Particularly because they have apparently changed the laws and 14 year olds cannot legally operate them alone anymore). In her defense and mine - you should know that last time we were up, she was told that at 14 y/o she could drive, and she assumed this meant that she could - with or without my pre-approval. She rode it with another adult guest for awhile, who went over the basics with her, don't cut off other boats, don't go too close to shore, don't this and that and then K gave the other adult the impression she had permission to ride alone -- well she didn't... but it was all just non-communication. Anyhow, she was done for the weekend, and I was on my third bloody mary shortly thereafter... S could however ride it, and did, a lot. Then the husband and boy (D) arrived - I knew I had to be the first to tell him about the sheriff chasing our little darling down, and also that D needed a review of boating law before he took off on the wave runner. This was about the time that we came up with a new song for K - "I splashed the sheriff, but I didn't get the deputy" - giggle (she didn't think it was as funny as we did).

The rest of the afternoon unfolded with more water fun for everyone, some more good food, a few more cribbage games after the rain hit, the pre-season bronco game, and a great dinner.

Sunday was more of the same - we did tow the kids on tubes with the boat, that was good for a few hearty ha has - especially after husband pushed the boy in the lake - the boy says -- "now I'm going to get cold, cuz I'm all wet" - ya know like he planned to ride the tube and stay dry - rofl. Husband and I took a walk over to the other lake, and then into town, had an ice cream walked around town and saw some old favorite places, including his mom's old cabin (she sold it darnit) We drove back home Sunday evening and it was just so nice to be so completely unwound.

And - no fishguts in my dining room! In fact they only caught two fish all weekend, and we never ate them, they were getting them ready for hors d'oeuvres when we left.

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baseballmom said...

Man, don't you just love to escape like that? Somewhere that you don't have to read the mail or answer the phone...ahhhhh. I get to the point that I don't want to go home on the last day! Sounds like you guys had a great time, and no jail time for the girl...that's good!