Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The F word again?

Just had a run in with this:

"It offends the strong woman in me to explain to a girl that she has to be given something by a man for her to join"

Yeah -- you can imagine my take on that.

This is not supposed to be a blog about the F-word, and yet it keeps rearing it's UGLY UGLY head.

In other news, my daughters both told me they don't know how to mow the lawn. Ooops.

We had to put our daughter's cat down last week, I now have a lovely new rosebush in the garden under her window.

I still love bourbon, I had some bourbon cheesecake the other day after seeing a wonderful Degas exhibit at a small local gallery. I'm going to go with - I am strong enough to know more about baseball then the drunk behind me at the game, I can drink more beer than he can too (just in case you were wondering), and I'm strong enough to order bourbon cheesecake.

Oh yeah, and I mowed the lawn today - with the reel mower. (look it up, that's not a typo, that's a type of mower)