Thursday, July 17, 2008


So it’s been a little crazy in my life (again? – still?) – My boss resigned; My little brother shipped out to Iraq (he is a Marine); My little brother’s wife is due to have their first baby at the end of the month, and I am her birth coach, so busy with last month of pregnancy preparations, classes, meeting with doula, etc.; My youngest had her end-of-term retreat to celebrate the end of her term as Honored Queen in Job’s Daughters; My son/husband built a pitching mound in the backyard; My oldest daughter is working like crazy and getting ready to go on a “vacation” to Wisconsin for Job’s Daughters; My youngest had a week-long camping trip with her Girl Scouts in South Dakota; I’ve been crocheting (yes I really can do a few ridiculously domestic things) a baby afghan for the baby on the way; My niece was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy about 10 days ago, that is very distressing; My nephew (different family) broke his hand in several places and had some major reconstructive hand surgery about 2 weeks ago; My oldest daughter is getting baptized this Sunday (better late than never? – a little less than three weeks before she turns 18; My oldest is turning 18 !! ; We had fiscal year end at the Foundation where I work; We had fiscal year end at the Foundation that I am President of; We had fiscal year end at the organization that I was an officer of (some things are good, that term expired!); Husband allowed himself to be persuaded to take on too large of a volunteer task (fundraising chair for baseball)– like I should talk, did you just read the above??; My car needed a MAJOR repair, which did not get done properly, so they still have the car, correcting the problem AGAIN…

So I haven’t had time to post the many hilarious and fascinating things that when they have occurred have made me make a mental note to “post that tomorrow” – well several tomorrow’s have come and gone… and speaking of gone, apparently my mental notes have all expired and flown out the window with my money and sanity.

Watched the All-Star festivities, well as much as I could – I had an annual meeting the night of the game, but I saw the Home Run Derby and the Softball game, and part of the All-Star game. It was great seeing all the celebration of Yankee Stadium – I really enjoyed all of it except for the evil one coming out to hand out the balls for the first pitch. I Really REALLY loved the opening of the A.S. Game and all the old hall-of-famers on the field at each position, that was AWESOME. The Home Run Derby was as entertaining as they come, well at least the first round with Josh Hamilton just hitting the hell outta the ball – WOW!

Got a chance to get out of town and went to Grand Lake. WOW it’s just beautiful up there, I love it so much – the girls had a wonderful time – I am done chaperoning other people’s children for a while though, ugh. Is it just me? Am I too old-fashioned? Too much of a hard-ass? What is with these kids speaking so disrespectfully to their parents? Several of the girls up there are often sassy and their parents seem completely oblivious to it, so there is no correction ever made. However, one of them was so bad, that all of us other chaperones (including one that allows her girls to speak sassy to her) spoke to the girl about it. She is downright AWFUL to her mom, and her mom seems completely clueless to it. Also, what is with the excuses… my kids aren’t allowed that luxury. Not that they don’t try sometimes, and I suppose occasionally it slips by one of us… but basically, excuses and assholes smell just the same – and my kids know when I make a face like I just smelled a fart (my husband thinks Renee Zelwegger goes around all the time with that face, giggle)– they’ve pushed it on the excuse page. One little one up there gave excuses even when they weren’t necessary… ADULT: “Alice, here is your cookie”; ALICE: “I couldn’t find my napkin, so I didn’t get it yet”. No one asked why she didn’t get it yet, in fact it never crossed anyone’s mind, they were just serving things up. ALL WEEKEND-this child must have made 6,458 excuses in less than two days! Also… you know when you chaperone that Friday night is gonna be a late night and a struggle to get them to settle into bed – but you always comfort yourself that Saturday will be so much easier because they will be so tired. Well… this same little excuse gal – NEVER GOT TIRED – it was freakin amazing; swam in the lake; paddled a boat around; walked all over town; participated in the “Olympics” (sort of a field day); etc. – at 2am one of the chaperones went down cuz they were being kept awake by this ‘thump, thump, thump’ and it was “alice” kicking off of a beam support and spinning in a chair. It was amazing.

Oh hell, and kitten… acted this morning as if he would like to go hump the neighbors cat. I have no idea if it’s a female, and I didn’t think he was old enough yet, since the vet said he wouldn’t neuter him yet. But, none the less he was meowing out the window like he really wanted to be near that cat… and he has not done that before that I have ever observed. Do cat’s “go into heat?” – I really don’t know much about cats. If so, it’s my guess that it was a she, and she was out there flippin her stuff in the air making sure he got a good whiff, so that he would want it bad, and do all he could to escape his palace and go slumming with this little outdoor nearly feral hussy running around the neighborhood. SLUT – bet she has her belly button pierced.

Oh speaking of belly button piercings… again, I know, stop beating the dead horse, but… so we were in birthing class the other night and all the mommies were having a side discussion about the awful scarring from their former piercings now that the belly is all stretched. Two of the mom’s that had given birth (teacher and guest speaker) both said that the scar does not improve much after you give birth and they both have scars that are several inches and to them very ugly! Maybe… I can use this to stall little miss “but it’s cute”. – ugh, why can’t she just dye her hair purple or something?


moosema said...

How odd ... I just posted about crocheting a baby afghan ... well, two baby afghans, and the post really wasn't about that but still...

I didn't chime in about the belly button piercing because I feel unqualified, not having any girls. I honestly don't think it's trashy myself, but I don't think someone with a poochy belly should get one (which rules me out). Bottom line, pick your battles.

You know, we really suck at getting together, but it's no wonder with all the chaos in both our lives. Call me if you ever come up for air!

baseballmom said...

Geez, I wish I knew how to crochet, knit, quilt, or do anything craft-like. The chaperoning-trip-thingie sounds like pure-d-hell to me...I don't think I was meant to have girls, or something. I think I'da wanted to slap that little tireless thing! I hate when kids are disrespectful and their parents don't do anything about it. My kids know they'll be taken down immediately if that happens. I think I was a little harsh in my last comment about the belly piercing. Our dilemma is that T's friend 'sags' his pants all the time, and T wants to do it. We will NOT allow it, because of the gang connotations, but I guess it's sorta the same thing, except belly piercing is forever, and does leave a scar, like you said! Hope things settle down for you guys.

momumo said...

hey on the pants thing -- and T may be a little young for this, but you can keep it in your "wow did my mom just say THAT?" arsenal -- the whole thing started in prison, and sagging your pants is a way of indicating your are "available" to be someone's bottom! -- if you need clarification on this I will post the other term, but I think it's disrespectful so I'm trying to avoid it.

I must say though that I have used this argument on numerous nephews, and they are thoroughly unphased by it. My son does not however "sag" his pants -- I don't know if that is a tribute to my remark or more (and this is the probably) because none of his friends really sag much.

Also, lastly, on my 20-something nephews, on the 4th of July, I found these remarks coming out of my mouth -- "fine, if you won't pull up your pants, wait til you get married and I come in with my undies showin at your wedding -- and you can bet they'll be big nasty old aunt spanky pants too!"

smirk -- I'm evil!

baseballmom said...

HAHAHAHA! I did tell them that about the prisons, because I heard it too--it worked for awhile but he still sneaks and does it when he thinks we won't see him. Of course, as soon as he gets caught, we just give him a LOOK, and they get pulled up again. I have thought about just 'pantsing' him, or getting my 6 yr. old to do it to T's friends...that might do it! It seems to be getting less frequent, maybe the trend is easing. What a STUPID fad!