Friday, July 25, 2008

I got this text message awhile ago...

my work phone, which I almost never get texts on, made this strange noise awhile ago -- well in fact I have papers spread from here to kingdom come on my desk, so actually this pile of papers to my right made the strange noise... and though I'm almost completely braintarded, it did occur to me that it was a phone noise. So I grabbed... my personal phone -- well shit nothing there, no reason for it to make a noise, then I noticed my work phone was still charging from earlier in the day when it made that other strange noise ... the I'm going to cut you off in the middle of this conversation with your boss and you will have to confess that you didn't charge your phone -- AGAIN. So I thought, oh wow, it's full, it makes noise when it's full. Well it wasn't full (see it really did need charging), but it did have a little envelope picture... ooh a text, what a welcome distraction.

the text read:

"Give me a call when you're ready for the drink ... I'm texting so you will have my number"

Well... it was a local number, but seriously, WTF??

oh yeah, I told moosema I need a drink before the baby leaves for college, it has to be her... sure enough, I got a second text:

"BTW this is moosema"

well of course, in spite of the fact that I was still at work during the drinking hour -- I called her!

but we aren't drinking -- a. we may like our blogs, and y'all -- and we may be closet geeks -- but seriously, we are drinkers first and no way are we going drinking where we can jump on some free wifi and blog while drunk -- I like my bourbon ice freakin cold and straight up -- and the only way to keep it ice freakin cold when it's straight up is to not lollygag on the drinking action

so... hopefully now that I have the moosema phone number (again, I lost it at least once already) we can go drink some bourbon and laugh at ourselves... we will try to let you know so you can drink simultaneously (any excuse when you have screaming kids and laundry piled up from winter still in July)

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baseballmom said...

HAHAHAHA--funny, I was just walking by my huge pile of laundry, contemplating at least folding a couple of washcloths and a towel or two, and listening to my kids push each other around the living room and scream at each other. I could definitely use a drink...good idea! It's no fun drinking alone, though, in fact, if I did that, someone might think I have a 'problem'. Heh.