Thursday, July 03, 2008

quick question - belly button piercing - is it slutty?

My 17 y/o (soon to be 18 y/o) wants to pierce her belly button. She has had it in her head that she could just wait til she was 18 and blow off the fact that we don't like it... her dad told her that just cuz she's 18 doesn't give her control -- we are paying for college - therefore she still has to honor our wishes.

I want to know from readers -- is belly button piercing slutty?


laughingatchaos said...

Sure, she can have one. One caveat, though. Dad has to get one too, and she has to be chained to him in public. Because decisions like piercing your belly button result in parents making unusual decisions as well. ;)
Or...the two of you go together. And you wear halter tops in front of her friends, showing yours off. Ooh, wear halter tops to the mall and church and anywhere else you like, but she has to be there. :)
Probably a good thing I have boys, eh? LOL!

baseballmom said...

Slutty, and trailer trashy.