Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lots of Ideas for Posts…

Trouble making time! My friend Moosema has a great post about 100 random things about her – she and I have more in common than I would have thought—or maybe I should say that some of the things we have in common surprised me. Never a Dull Moment has a post about 5 silly things to do to waste time (or something like that) – they are all those funky fun quizzes that all the kids are putting on their myspace / facebook sites – I didn’t post it here but apparently (no shock to the people who know IRL), I’m a potty mouth. The average blog is something like 9% profane and I’m like 47% or some huge ass number. Then this morning on my way into work – I saw the funniest thing, well funny to me – but couldn’t exactly stop in the rain on the highway with kitten in lap to take a picture for ya’ll – so I will try to paint it with words. I’m driving down the highway, which because I live so close to my office, I am only on for a matter of a few miles – usually less than two minutes? Anyhow, it’s raining this morning, not all that common in Denver actually – we are a high desert, but rain is not so uncommon that we are all thrown into a tither and can’t drive. And it’s not like it was raining super hard, I had my wipers on the low speed. But with the rain, that means the dogs didn’t really want to hang outside all day, and my poor old dog that just won’t gain weight regardless of what fattening ridiculous food we give him doesn’t seem to even have the ability to stay warm (he probably does, but you know how we people are, we can’t imagine that they aren’t soft fluffy comfy all the time). So I agreed to take the new kitten to work with me so the husband could have the dogs in the house with him. Kitten is still new and the dogs and the kitten aren’t quite ready to have unlimited, unsupervised access to each other. Kitten is pretty good in car, but only if I’m holding him on my lap (yes I always bitch when I see someone driving down the road with their little lap dog in their lap and I think ‘oh yeah that’s safe’). Anyhow, its raining, kitten is in my lap, but requires my hand holding him there to restrain him there – So I’m driving down the highway, kitten in lap, and some jackass is going really slowly in a big truck in front of me, but the left lane is moving really fast and I don’t have much time to pass so I just wandered down the highway behind the jackass – and as I’m driving along I notice a bunch of debris on the shoulder. As I look closely it’s pieces of broom – or maybe even several brooms – pieces of the broom bristles and pieces of broomstick all over the shoulder… small pieces, but large enough to identify – and a hat. That’s it just pieces of broom and a hat. Well I giggled my butt off cuz I imagined this witch flying along in the early morning fog/rain and having some hideous accident that caused her broom to explode and she disintegrated in the wetness (you know, think back to the Wizard of Oz – “who’d have thought a little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness” – I really love that line) leaving behind only her hat and pieces of her broom. I just had a long telephone conversation with my dad – very weird that. I get along great with my dad, but he just doesn’t strike me as a telephone person. Let alone that I found out he was driving out to Henderson – which means I-76 and Highway 85, both lousy traffic in best weather – so we had this long cell phone conversation – it was nice. I had some other stuff, but I feel like I had better get at my work now.



baseballmom said...

Oh my god, that is FUNNY AS HELL.

moosema said...


That's great! And I agree about the shoes. Would be interested to know what we had in common that surprised you. Do you think George is gay too?