Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Ways that I am like Lois…

  1. I am a smartass
  2. No woman will ever be good enough for my son
  3. My husband and I still have very passionate intimacy
  4. My in-laws sometimes make me feel inadequate
  5. I believe in snooping
  6. I yell
  7. I can dish out pretty nasty or unconventional punishments
  8. I hate to lose an argument
  9. My kids are all vastly different from each other
  10. My two biggest buttons are injustice and hypocrisy
  11. My housekeeping could use some improvement
  12. My clothes are frumpy
  13. We are both Polish


baseballmom said...

With the exceptions of a couple-I'm Greek, and we don't really do the wild thing much anymore-we could be the same person! I love "knowing" someone so similar to me in so many ways, and let me tell ya, there aren't many.

momumo said...

Well my sister married a Greek, and my husband's brother married a Greek so we do a lot of 'Opa-ing' and eating at family functions... in fact, my daughters actually related way too closely to some of the scenes in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

As for the wild thing, that may just be the ages of your kids... and if you want, maybe you can talk me into a thursday thirteen of things that have kept it lively

Flawed & Disorderly said...

Thanks for the Mrs. Robinson info! Everyone else was just going to let me look stupid forever! When I Googled the title, it came up with Beatles stuff. Anyway, I explained on my blog. Thanks!

Aren't you also the one with the sis-in-law that sucks? All my in-laws suck. I should consider using them instead of buying a new vacuum, but I couldn't stand to have them standing in my closet all the time.

momumo said...

ROFL at the inlaws in the closet! Now that would SUCK -- my inlaws - as in my husbands family are fantastic - but I have a lot of brothers and a couple of them have chosen to take their pants off with some real doozies