Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thirteen things I would rather be doing than work:

  1. watching a baseball game
  2. drinking beer in the park and playing Frisbee with Dix
  3. going out for breakfast with my friends
  4. cleaning up my flower beds
  5. leaving on a vacation to San Diego
  6. watching a maid clean my house
  7. sitting in a cantina in Spain, eating tapas, drinking beer and watching the bullfights
  8. sitting in a café in France laughing with Titine
  9. sitting at a blackjack table in Las Vegas – and winning of course
  10. drinking Manhattans with my mom at some luxury hotel and watching the people
  11. drinking beers with my dad at some hole in the wall bar and watching the people
  12. floating the river
  13. fishing off the dock at Grand Lake

Okay I read this other blog... and they had this Thursday Thirteen - really it was cool, you make a list of thirteen things, then you tell all the other thirteeners and they tell you about their lists and you all link and hop and look at each other's blogs...

The thing is, I went to the Thursday Thirteen site, and well it sounds like a gob of work... so I'm just gonna start small with a list of thirteen things, and may next thursday I will do it again, and after I master that small step, then maybe I will look at doing it officially and correctly.


Jen said...

It's not as hard as it sounds. I do it to get out of real thinking and writing. ; ) Nah, I enjoy it. It's easy: get the code, put it on your blog, write, go back to the TT website and put your site in the comments section. That way others can find you. Piece.of.cake. Takes longer to come up with a TT than to actually do it. But you have a great start here!

baseballmom said...

Mmmkay, I always thought the same thing, sounds like a lot of work. I don't even know how to "put the link on my blog" because I'm techno-retarded, and don't even know how to do these things. Sad. Wait, you also forgot one thing you'd rather be doing...clam digging. You know you wanna.

momumo said...

I do wanna clam dig - I really do - it sounds great!