Monday, March 19, 2007

Downtown Denver Evangelism

I worked downtown for a long time - at an uppity women owned lawfirm actually, with a snazzy address - and we would all comment that even on the 16th floor, we could hear 'yelling guy' - and evangelist of sorts that walks around downtown Denver, and has for as long as anyone can remember, carrying signs and encouraging anyone within hearing distance (about 1 mile I would guess... this is one of the loudest people I have ever heard) to accept Jesus as their saviour because the end of world is around the corner. Let's just say that 'yelling guy' has a very distinctive appearance also, and so there is no way that I was mistaken the other day when I was downtown, pulling out of an underground parking lot and he went by - with a sign, and silent. I don't know if he finally lost his voice, if he doesn't yell in upper downtown - or what could possibly be the explanation for his silence - but his sign (I tried to get a picture with my cell phone, but I couldn't manage it with the traffic and the glare off of my rearview mirror getting caught in the frame) was priceless - it read:

I'm quite unsure what that means - but I laughed my ass off anyhow - my friend that I was on the phone with (and also has worked downtown since G-d was a boy) thought maybe he wanted her fish... I was more along the lines of shoes/feet.

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