Thursday, March 15, 2007


I really wanted to say something passionately today. Something that has irritated me for several years now – irritated being the nice word. So… I typed my whole blog entry without even logging in – without checking any other blogs. And low and behold – Baseball Mom gave me a plug – called me Hellafunny. Bless her, she’s been reading longer than the last two days of ranting about things. So the folks that might wander over on her suggestion are going to find my most profane and most bitchy blog of all time probably. I would like to think I am funny some of the time, and I try to be funny a lot of the time. So… if you came here for funny, skip the next post and head right to some of the older posts…. Maybe Graham Cracker Moms or Why Must the Dog Watch Me Take a Shit? Also, keep in mind that while profanity is an enormous part of my life – I am an admitted big ole potty mouth – I don’t usually use the F word over and over in a blog entry – it is supposed to be for emphasis after all.

Speaking of the F word – why does chili always explode when you try to reheat it in the microwave? Is it the beans? Because I never find what looks like bean shrapnel in my chili or the top of the microwave. I popped a little container of leftover chili in the microwave and sat down to read some blogs. KABOOM – you know it was exploding. Took it out, stirred it, and wondered why does it blow up but gravy doesn’t? Now I have to clean that mess up – and I had covered the stupid chili with the lid upside down (you know so it couldn’t accidentally reseal itself) –but that blew off in the ensuing explosion.

Well the chili is done – and I would rather read than type while I eat. So – Au Revoir.

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