Friday, February 09, 2007

The Meltdown

I am delighted to let all of you know that we have melted enough to actually see some of the lawn! I was so delighted to find a couple of weeks worth of the local weekly paper in a snowbank this morning, and to see some of my lawn – it can’t be long before I can enjoy my little crocuses and daffodils – I know they are under there somewhere.

I have just spent the better part of the day doing the old spreadsheet dizzy dance – getting financial backup ready for a board meeting – I haven’t had a shower in two days, I stink, and I haven’t eaten lunch yet (2:30pm) – So… am I jumping into the shower with a sandwich in hand – uh… no, I’m writing a stupid blog entry, because I want readers dammit – and I think that if I blog enough nonsense maybe I will get one or two more than the one I have. Also because my brain is almost entirely mush from several consecutive days of spreadsheets and I can’t make a logical decision.

What to write about, well it seems that Anna Nicole is getting an awful lot of attention – and here is what I really snickered at (please don’t think me crass) – they did a piece on Nightline last night that was at least 10 minutes about ‘why is Anna Nicole Smith in the news’ – well if y’all didn’t spend ten minutes on her, maybe she wouldn’t be. Don’t misread me, there have been some newsworthy stories on her, and her death merits some mention in the news, I just don’t think that it merits quite the abundance of attention that it seems to be receiving. There are other celebrities that have passed away recently, and I don’t recall it being THE headline story for a full 24 hours, surely there is something in this whole big world that has more impact on us that should be the lead story.

Wow, between the hunger and the hygiene, I think I have nothing more to say – how’s that for a blog that will really inspire my readers to comment!

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