Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blog Surfing…

I went blog surfing yesterday morning, and contrary to my usual forays into this “exciting” (usually isn’t) and “inspiring” (usually isn’t) world of voyeurism, I found some things I really did like looking at. ‘Baseball Mom’ – her kids are younger than mine, and she has no girls, but… in many ways we sound like a matched pair – I think that she would probably be a lot of fun to hang out and drink beers with while we make fun of the men and the boys and solve all of the world’s problems by relating them to baseball or motherhood. I left her a few messages, though her latest entry made it clear that she would be out of town this week. On her page – I mean after all I liked her stuff, so I might like what she looks at – I found others I liked also (of course I am on a different computer now and can’t access my history, or find these blogs with a simple google search so that I make certain and get the name correct, and get the link – oh yeah and I’m on dialup at work, and well the searching is going ever so quickly-NOT) – ‘LDSM, Soccer Mom’, first of all she’s pink, like me, second of all – I belong to a long line of stuck up snotty baseball-moms-are-better-than-soccer-mom’s clicque, you know the ones I drink beer with and therefore owe all my loyalty to – so to say that someone who calls herself “Soccer Mom” is a good read, well, you do the math (ps I only pretend to be uppity, there’s no way in hell I could actually pull it off) – she’s got a sense of humor, and I love This Post – Look for a corresponding post here soon (if I remember to post it) – then there is also ‘My Tiny Kingdom’ – ROFL at what her kids put in her closet – I don’t know that I read any other posts, but that one had me giggling out loud, I will have to read more of her posts too see what I think of the person behind the ornery brothers – The last one I read was ‘Cursing Mama’, well obviously I liked the name, I also like the tagline – “Teaching my kids the English Language, one colorful word at a time” – obviously the husband would not like this at all, as I am constantly in the doghouse for my mouth – I do however love it when my little minions rat on him and come home with ‘Dad used the F word in traffic today’ or ‘I heard Dad say the F word to so and so on the phone’ – it gives me a little wiggle room for a week or two. Cursing Mama does like cats and knitting, so we have our subtle differences, but I usually like people who like cats and knitting (though knitters are such snobs to we who are lazy and only use one needle and give it a fancy name that men can’t pronounce when the see it and can’t spell when they hear it). Anyhow, so yesterday’s blog surfing paid off, and all because of that glorious word ‘Baseball’ – I can almost smell the dirt and leather now.

Well back to Baseball Mom - I must check out her other friends, and then start thinking about making a list of my own blogs that I read. I'll give it awhile and see which ones I just can't stay away from, after all it would be silly to list something I've only been to one time.


baseballmom said...

Damn, girl...we could be sisters, I think. Glad you liked my blog, and also some of my links-they're fun ones! Also, drinking beer and solving problems is the best way to pass time if you're not (or, even if you are) watching baseball. Our first team meeting is tomorrow, and even though we're rebuilding AGAIN, I can't wait for the season to start! Other people think I'm weird because I go to the practices too. As far as being in trouble for my mouth, tonight I was using the F-bomb a lot, and had to explain to Husband that I've been away at camp for 3 days, and I couldn't use it for a long time, so it was getting lots of use now. Hey, at least I can turn it off when I have to!

momumo said...

Oh clearly we could be sisters - and I have had a beer or two while watching the game - though I am scorekeeper, so it's not to pass the time, it's just to have the beer :P
I love practice, but with two female children, I am usually driving the car somewhere during practice - repeatedly saying Fuck because someone somewhere is either late or waiting in the cold for me and the dumbass mf blah di blah in front of me can't seem to get the hell outta my way.
I have had the same discussion with my husband after I have chaperoned various trips for kids - and he does cut me a little slack. I too can turn it off when I have to, though I have found myself taking short walks away from the kids to have my little tourette moments - what is it with some parents that their kids are so completely incapable of ANY independent behaviour?

baseballmom said...

Ha! I'm scorekeeper too!
I'm gonna post about the short trips away, and non-independent, unmannered kids on trips today on my site-I promise!