Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Special Equipment"

My daughter slid off the road into a SMALL snowbank, small enough that she tried driving out herself, the plow truck that stopped had her try to drive out, and the State Patrolman that stopped had her try to drive out - then called a tow truck. The Towtruck driver charged her $369 dollars to pull her out. $75 for the callout, that I can swallow, I don't like it, but it was expected - and some travel time, I can swallow travel time, though $144 for less than twenty minutes of travel is pretty steep -- but what I can't take is the $150 for "special equipment" -- really, REALLY -- whats so fucking special about pulling a sedan out of a small pile of snow in fucking wyoming. We aren't talking about pulling a bus out of a glacier in Hawaii -- I'm guessing they pull sedans out of the snow probably oh, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE -- "special equipment" indeed -- I can't wait to get the company on the phone and let them know just how fucking "special" I think they are!

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baseballmom said...

WOW-what the hell? what a ripoff. we live a couple hours from the ocean, and there are locals there that make a living towing people who have gotten stuck in the sand for about 200 a pop. crazy.