Thursday, January 21, 2010


My friend posted this on her blog and I thought -- wow maybe this will be just the thing to get me blogging more diligently again, not that all three of you really care (I think I may be down to 1.5).

My own thirteen "diamonds"

1] The sound of my youngest daughter's voice when she greets me after an absence (no matter how long)

2] The smell of a baseball field in the early morning, and listening to the various sounds of teams warming up

3] The absolute abandon of my oldest daughter's laugh

4] My husband's smell

5] The look on the face of a little child who has just discovered something magnificent

6] The Closing Cross at a Job's Daughters meeting

7] A dog's wagging tail

8] The smell of freshly opened coffee

9] The first snowfall in the mountains

10] The smell of the Italian Deli near my house

11] My Aunt Jayne's hugs

12] The first sip of a Manhattan (even better when coupled with the smell of good cigars)

13] The first crocus of Spring


baseballmom said...

i've been so lax about blogging lately. i'm going to do this one!

kimberlyfoley said...

This makes me realize I've not only been lax about my own blog, I've been lax about keeping up with the blogs of the people I love. Took me over a week (two weeks?) to discover you did this. Love your list. BTW - a blog post from you is another one of MY diamonds.

momumo said...

That is a super sweet thing to say! Thanks my friend.