Friday, July 20, 2007

who is g.u.t.s.?

Not a single person wondered what that meant in the post below...

Strange, this lack of curiosity among people who are reading one another's diaries.

When I was in high school / college this stud of a guy moved in up the street from my parents - oh my dear lord did he have a body to make you stop in your tracks and rubberneck as he passed by - which he did frequently on his bike, running, and in his classic 1964 corvette. Yeah, hot, fit, and had a great car - what's not to stare at. I started calling him guts (g.u.t.s. - Guy Up The Street).

Then one day... I have a mud mask on - yes the green kind - I am all sweaty from cleaning my aunt's garage and laying in the sun with the mud mask on - and I'm wearing some retarded lay in the sun get a great tan - do not ever ever EVER be seen in public outfit and the doorbell rings. Well, having grown up where everyone who knew us just walked in - this mean it was NOBODY - like the paper boy or the UPS guy - so silly me... I answered the door.

There stood g.u.t.s. - and he asked me out (in spite of my stellar appearance). We dated for a total of two weeks before he bought me a shirt that said 'no g.u.t.s no glory' and plastered and I <3 Amy bumper sticker on his truck.

You can probably imagine how long the bumper sticker stayed on the truck. Incidentally - after another couple of weeks of his constant devotion to his mommy - her apron strings were made out of titanium, let me tell ya - and the fact that he drove like a moron - and well ... um... a kind of personal intimate issue that wasn't working out... I dumped him in spite of his amazing devotion (read stupid bumper sticker) to me (giggle)

ps. I know the contest is over but I have so many good dirty stories that I am working on those, but it's taking FOREVER -- check back soon for some laughing (at me) and gagging (some of them are stinky and dirty)

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