Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - stuff on my mind today

1. Oldest getting driver's license
2. Middle child - the boy - getting driver's permit
3. Youngest child dancing on broken bone - giving me heart attack re: chronic foot problems
4. Husband sending me business like emails about being out of town
5. Co-worker showing up two hours late to work while boss is out of town
6. Forgot to buy breakfast on way to work, didn't bring lunch - HUNGRY
7. Need full version of Adobe on Laptop for work purposes, really must move this up the list some
8. Need to re-design budget, can't stay focused on project
9. Wishing husband would wash my car ALL the time, not make it MY JOB just cuz it's my car
10. Wishing my nephew were his old self, wishing my mom were her old self - these events weigh heavily on my heart daily
11. Wishing I hadn't agreed to HUGE volunteer commitment at kids' school - not liking the prospect of devoting that time to the school instead of my own crap that needs taking care of
12. Hate my house, hate my housekeeping, hate trying to get motivated to get out from under that
13. Tasks that need doing - and soon!

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