Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - sort of

Thirteen lessons I wish I could learn FOR my kids…

1. How much to drink is too much
2. That broken hearts do heal, and you are usually stronger for it
3. Truth, while sometimes painful, really is the best first response
4. Sometimes people you love just suck
5. You can’t always win just by being right
6. Sometimes winning is allowing the other person to believe they have won
7. Even good friends will tell your secrets at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or to the wrong person
8. Some fantasies need to always stay fantasies
9. Never ask a question if the answer could hurt you aka some things are better left unasked
10. Even the biggest mistakes can be forgiven, and forgiveness is worth it
11. You can’t do anything so bad that I won’t be there for you
12. NOTHING is 100% wonderful or perfect, even your favorite things
13. Follow your instinct, it usually is the right thing, even when it doesn’t make sense

One of you thursday thirteeners really needs to hold my hand so I can do this the right way.


Anonymous said...

So true! I have often thought these things myself. Why is we can't genetically transfer our hard-learned lessons to our kids?

I found you via Never A Dull Moment. I am a fellow former marching band flute player (of the "goody-goody" variety!).

Anonymous said...


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