Monday, April 23, 2007

Bits from the weekend (ish)

Do you think it strange when people have a party with only odd brands of beer (not microbrews either, just unusual brands)?

My kid pitched last week, hit a kid (from a school in the N. end of the county) that only a handful of kids from his school (in the S. end of the county) happen to know is recovering from cancer – but my kid is friends with several kids on the n. area team – and he found out he actually may have broken the kids ankle because his bones are a bit fragile from the cancer treatment – now he’s feeling all kinds of guilty. I told him that he should be happy for the kid because last year at this time no one was sure he would ever play ball again, and that the kid is probably thrilled to get hit with a ball, because it means he stood up at the plate with bat in hand; and most kids in the county would never know that he was anything but another player and it wouldn’t phase them that they hit him. Am I wrong to try to make him feel better?

The Red Sox hit a bunch of homeruns last night (and I missed it, I was cooking or something dull like that)

My youngest went to a Mary Kay party yesterday – I was very proud of her, she came home with only one item that she wanted.

My oldest is going to Prom this weekend – I don’t even want to think about that, EVER.

I loved the scene in the Sopranos last night on the boat – really got my blood pumping

Church was boring yesterday – but I did find out that (at least according to this asst. minister) 6 year olds laugh 300 times each day – average adults only laugh 15 times each day – suddenly I feel much closer to 6 years old than 40 – doesn’t that rock?!?

I am constantly amazed that every year there is a team that pitches the hell outta some kid against us – I mean really this is High School ball – WTF – how do they not know the risks of that????? So for anyone who is possibly not aware (how that happens mystifies me, but I’m going to take a high road here and try to provide information instead of judgment) Coach this weekend pitched this kid 127 pitches and then put him at Short Stop (that’s right 127 pitches did not = a complete game). This is WAY TOO MANY pitches, and then to put them in a fielding position where the arm cools down and then they may have to make a hard, fast throw is an even bigger risk of injury. Coaches at ANY level of kid pitch baseball (please do not get confused if your daughter plays fastpitch softball, the motion is not at all the same) should be keeping an accurate pitch count, that includes foulballs. They should be aware of the appropriate number of pitches for their age group and should only allow a pitcher to throw that number of pitches. Parents of pitchers should also be aware of these limits, and if they are unsure if their coach / scorekeeper is keeping that count, they should keep count themselves and insist that their kid be pulled when he has reached the limit. ASKING THE KID IF THEIR ARM IS TIRED IS NO INDICATION – THEY ARE USUALLY NOT AWARE OF IT UNTIL AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE. Please if your son/daughter pitches baseball, acquaint yourself with these limits and the damage that can be done – you do not want to cripple your child for a little youth baseball glory.

Apparently this is National Dance Week or something – I really should do some research. I think maybe I will try to find a clever cookie cutter and make my daughter some beautiful cookies to take to all of her dance classes this week – wouldn’t that be fun?!? (says the mom who has no fucking clue where her cookie cutters or her rolling pin are)

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Valerie said...

Amen regarding pitch counts. We have been pitch count zealots ever since our son started pitching in Little League, at a time when only innings pitched were of concern.

He started select ball last year at age 9.5. Sadly, he did suffer an injury regardless of being vigilant of pitch counts, adequate warm ups, and proper amount of rest between games. We were told by the orthopedist that his problem is related to shoulder weakness which puts stress on the elbow. He had 6 long weeks of therapy and rest near the end of last season and is just finally making a really strong comeback. He is on a regimen of strength training for the shoulder.