Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Thursday -

Shit that makes me laugh…

1. My oldest daughters laughter – it is SO contagious
2. Stuff my grandmother would say (would make most grandmas blush or raise an eyebrow)
3. My son’s impressions – he has a gift really
4. Memories shared with my best friend – OMGosh we did some stupid and very funny shit
5. Visualizations
6. Politicians
7. My mom – she is truly very funny
8. Myself – I laugh AT myself a lot, not sure what that means
9. Laughing at other people – I pretend it’s ‘with’ – but it’s really ‘at’
10. 12 year old boy jokes – farts, burps, animal poop, boobs, etc.
11. My Youngest Daughter's one-liners - she's finally getting the hang of it, and she is GOOD
12. Irony, Puns, Double Entendres – especially when people don’t catch it
13. People taking themselves too seriously


baseballmom said...

I LOVE the 12 year old friends all think I'm weird, but they are damn funny! The latest one with them has to do with 'sacks', and it can get pretty hilarious-T was DYING when I made my nephew a bag of treats for Easter, ie:Caiden's Easter SACK, oh, and their math book is Saxon math...get it...SACKSon. I figure I would rather laugh with them and have a good time, rather than trying unsuccessfully to curb it-how dare they have a sense of humor! Heh.

momumo said...

hey we use saxon math too, and these kiddos missed that one - but they are on to 'teabagging' now - like if a guy jumps up in basketball and his sack is within 84 feet of the other guys face they all groan "oooooh, he got teabagged" rofl!