Monday, April 03, 2006

Seventh Grade Science

What a flashback - Miss something or other - she became Mrs. Cantrell - when she married Mr. Cantrell - an 8th grade science teacher. I really liked her, and him - lots of kids didn't. I also had Mr. Tepley for awhile, don't remember if that was 7th or 8th grade... I do remember he had sweat stains down to his waist line and that I discovered that I was color blind in his class. I remember most of all, and I think just about every kid in Jefferson County does, dissecting a fetal pig. I was fortunate - I did not have a girlie freaking out kind of a lab partner, nor was I that way. We really got into it, we didn't freak out or gross out or get sick or giggle, etc. My nephew attends that SAME Junior High, and is in 7th grade, and now... 30+ years later, actually I think probably 35 exactly, but I'm too lazy to do the math - he dissected his fetal pig a couple of months back. He's a squemish kid and thought the whole thing was rather gross and was glad when it was over. He didn't want to answer my questions either. I also remember that I had the privilege of babysitting some classroom critter over I think spring break - so that Mr. & Mrs. Cantrell could go on a honeymoon. I think it was hamsters - but it could have been any hairy little rodent, I was just delighted to have that special connection with a teacher that I liked.

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