Friday, April 14, 2006

Ice Cream and Ballplayers…

So last night the baseball ‘team mom’ (of sorts anyhow) wrangled us all over to the Cold Stone Creamery for a fundraiser. Actually it was a pretty good deal, they gave us 30% of the entire night (some of the other similar ones are more like 20% of those people that bring in their flyers… well if they space their flyer). In addition to that, the boys were back there serving the people… and they loved it, a few of them didn’t want to stop serving. They had practice earlier in the evening so they were all wearing (well almost all) baseball pants and jerseys and hats… there’s something pretty delightful about a cute boy in baseball pants and hat serving you ice cream on a warm evening! Yeah, that was a plus for us, it was definitely ice cream weather, and there were a lot of people in there. I personally think that Cold Stone is pretty pricey and a bit over rated – not that it isn’t fabulous ice cream, but the price kinda knocks me over. If my kids go to town and get whatever they want, then it can cost as much to have Cold Stone as it does to go out to dinner – and that just doesn’t seem right. However, as my two teenaged daughters continue to point out to me, and then validate with each visit… all the cute boys seem to work there. So for them at least it’s a dual purpose visit, candy for your ice cream and candy for your eyes. So this particular baseball team – and hey don’t misread this, I think we’ve covered this in a previous post – I am not a pervert, I just REMEMBER being 14, 15, 16 and I have daughters that age and I can recognize a cute boy… doesn’t mean I want to date him or anything of that nature… usually it just means I want to point him out to my daughters – so back to my point… this particular baseball team almost seems like it is a pre-requisite to be cute to be on the team. Of course some boys are cuter than others, and some are maybe kinda ho-hum to the more discerning teenage girl, but none of them are ugly, geeky, dorky, whatever is unattractive. So these cute boys, all about 14, some are still 13 but will turn 14 during this baseball season – are back there in their baseball garb scooping up delectable ice cream for several hundred people, and my two teenage daughters seemed to have cared less. Well of course these boys are their brother’s friends, so that knocks them down a peg, cuz ewwwww they might have brother cooties or something. But I observed that just about every other girl that came in from 8 to 80 was thoroughly charmed by the boys – it was rather fun to observe. I was dreading it, not a big ice cream person, think Cold Stone is over rated, and frankly, I’m so busy that hanging out at the ice cream store all night held little or no appeal to me. I was wrong, it was sorta fun (wouldn’t want to do it once a week or anything), and it was entertaining, and the boys seemed to just love it.

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