Thursday, April 06, 2006

All Over the Guy

It was a fairly normal morning around here – I woke up after everyone else, but before Hubby took the kids to the bus. As I was lying on the couch waiting for his return, I realized that his ‘paused’ ESPN wasn’t my bag, so I swapped tuners (didn’t want to lose his place in sportscenter) and it came up on a pay channel that required the parental code. Yes you can just go to guide anyhow, but somehow that little box blinking at me is like a dare – and I must enter the parental code because I know what the parental code is. Well, the movie on that channel captivated me in less than ten seconds, and as I told myself that
a. I shouldn’t get involved in a movie in the morning on a work day;
b. I shouldn’t get involved in a movie that is already half over;
c. hubby is never going to want to come home from the bus and watch a movie with gay men kissing instead of sportscenter
I kept watching anyhow, and… hubby watched too when he got home. He turned his head when the gay guys kissed, etc. – but we watched the movie through to the end. Now I am no gay movie aficionado by any stretch, and I’m certain to have any that actually read this (hey I have a reader now!) tell me how wrong I am. Here’s the thing though – my feelings can’t be wrong so pffffft! So I was completely captivated by this film – for those of you who have seen it, I joined in at the moment when the straight guy, played by Adam Goldberg approaches the straight woman, played by Sasha Alexander in the furniture store and begins his salesman routine, which is NOT routine. I really like that actor, even though I had to go and look up his name, and then when they had the discussion about ‘buttercup’ I was all in – no turning back, no matter what little warnings the voice inside my head was shouting at me. The point of my post by the way, was how refreshing it was to watch a ‘gay film’ that was NOT artsy, deep, philosophical, etc. It was a dumb trite predictable love story that could have been a 1950’s movie starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day – they get fixed up on a blind date, they hate one another, but there’s something. They see one another again, and eventually begin dating, but the one is afraid of commitment and the other has terrible self-esteem – and of course (I really am not ruining the movie, because I saw it coming even before I got up to get that first cup of coffee) end up together. I loved that it was trite and predictable and was not really so much about gay as about relationships – it was refreshing that someone wrote a stupid love story and just simply inserted a gay couple. Besides who doesn’t like stupid love stories occasionally. So if you are in the mood for a stupid love story and don’t mind seeing guys kiss each other, you should check All Over the Guy out. It has some clever dialogue, some typical angst, and no real life lessons – thank God.

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