Monday, August 18, 2008

Overheard during Olympic viewing at our house...

Mom, I want a Tony Azevedo jersey

Of course we are obsessed with viewing the olympics in our house, our DVR is fully packed every day -- in fact we have lost some excellent recordings (the one show that I use to fall asleep) in order to make room for all the olympic episodes piling up. One particularly popular sport in our house (remember we have two swimmers, one of them a lifeguard, and another athlete who has a best friend that is a swimmer and is also planning to be a lifeguard) is water polo. I know, it looks a little slow and dull, but seriously could you tread water for an hour? And bat a volleyball around while you do it? and try to score with that ball into a floating soccer goal? and attempt to defend your team by trying to dunk/drown/disable the opposition while they attempt to dunk/drown/disable you? -- really, when you think about it, it really is pretty bad ass -- and the most bad ass of all TONY AZEVEDO.

ps. the quote was from my smart ass wanna be comic son, if you don't get the humor tell the story to folks who understand water sports until you get an explanation.


moosema said...

HA! Honest to God, when I first read the quote, I went "Huh? Doesn't that guy play water polo."

We love the obscure sports too. Our favorite winter sport to watch is Curling. Mostly because of the Northern accents, eh?

momumo said...

OMG I totally love curling, I'm completely obsessed, it's always on at like 4:30 am or some ridiculous thing, and my family can count on finding me all obsessed in it when they wake up!

The curling trials are going to be in Broomfield this coming year :)