Friday, June 22, 2007

confessions of a soiled mind...

I confess - I have been AWOL much longer than anticipated. My job went fuckity (I'm stealing baseball Mom's word - cuz it rocks my day!) - and my kids being home is not relief, it's more work. The 16 y/o has a job but no license, the 15 y/o is playing baseball (thank G-d - I get some downtime at the games - and well duh it's baseball) and the 14 y/o is a mess, she is absolutely becoming a needy brain-tarded 8 y/o WAY SUPER BLONDE POLISH HIGH MAINTENANCE MESS - she does shit that I have to clean up ALL of the time, like leaving lids off of things like Rubber Cement - on the bed - where another girl sat - in a formal gown - that wasn't hers - for awhile (she apparently couldn't feel the cold goo through the crenolines (sp?)) - So... here I am (Stealing my reply to a post over at Baseball Mom cuz it got long, and so I'm going to call it a post on my own blog - and go leave baseball mom a shorter sweeter reply!

Really I will get to telling you all about baseball (it fuckin rocks!) and Desi and Lucy (they were sensational - okay well interesting) and Dance (holey moley can my daughter make me smile - when she's not spilling shit and losing someone else's shoes/jewelry/money, etc.) and the Lifeguard among us - she has much to add to our days also - oh and husband has a new job, and a few other dozen tidbits


moosema said...

"Fuckity" is also the perfect word to describe the last...oh...7 weeks or so of my life. The worst being last week. I'll try to update my blog soon as well to elaborate. Suffice to say, I wish MY husband would get a new job so we can sell this hell hole.

BTW - I'm not much for cherries or apricots, but let me know when the girls are selling peaches again. Maybe this time I'll manage to get my butt to the lodge to pick them up.


Jen said...

Yay, you're back! And summer has smacked on the nose like a bad puppy too. That and my computer being gone are doing me in. Welcome back.