Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here I am???

So… I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks – I’m sure that most of you, being mom’s can relate – it’s the end of the school year – which brings a myriad of goofy assed stuff that I am never prepared for. Part of the problem is that by the time April/May roll around, I have not yet done a very good job of rolling into a new calendar (I mean it was just January like a week ago – I can’t be expected to have my calendar rolled over (read: purchased) yet). Also, there is of course all the Summer crap to get ready for – Summer club swimming, Summer baseball, Summer Dance Camps, Summer work schedule, etc. (these all include $$$$, oh freakin joy). There is also all the Spring crap to wrap up – well in my case, I’m still preparing for some of it though it is upon us and well on it’s way to over with – Spring Baseball, End of the year ‘bring your grades up or you will never get into Stanford’ speeches, Spring Dance Shows, Spring forward, Spring Cleaning, Spring around writing checks for summer reading materials, next years textbooks (our school assigns summer homework for Honors and/or AP students – and you must register your textbook to use the online something or other majigger doodle fartsy butt stuff that Dr. Superscienceteacher requires they use over the summer, 8th grade continuation, graduation (though my oldest is only a Junior, there are still things to be done), summer job applications, interviews, and driving the kid there for the weekends preceding summer so that she can have a little seniority over the ‘summer’ kids, Ball games (this part is actually a relief from the other), prom, jr. high activity, and all those freakin fees (lost library books, damaged text books, oops I forgot to print my own problem set sheets, etc.), baseball banquet, and getting ready for summer (read: staff change) for Job’s Daughters, getting ready for summer (read: big annual State convention) for Job’s Daughters (this means coaching my ‘speech teams’), getting ready for summer (read: big annual International convention) for Job’s Daughters (this means $$$$$$ and travel plans for two teenagers w/o me accompanying them, spring band concert, and tying up loose ends for the foundation that I agreed to sit on (rofl… sit, hahahaha, if only it was sitting that would be a relief). And then of course I do have a job, you know they pay me – to work, to produce things, etc… well spring is also a ‘prepare’ for the year kind of a deal there, and since we are in our last fiscal quarter it’s also a tie up loose ends sort of a schedule as well. Needless to say… I’ve been a bit busy, a bit too busy to hop on your blogs and see what all you’ve been up to, a lot too busy to compose a blog entry (OH DEAR LORD, SOMETHINGS THAT ARE SEEN OUT THE WINDOW SHOULD JUST NOT EVER BE SEEN BY HUMAN EYES… I have a window here at my office (don’t be too impressed it’s not like I have a view, just a window) and I’m sitting here typing my little heart out as a OLDER, let’s say 40’s to be kind, guy walks by, he is wearing um… clothes right out of Hot Topic, and no he doesn’t pull it off looking like a biker or something, he looks like an old fat guy trying to dress like a teenager – no old fat guys should wear EMO clothes in public its so wrong, I can’t begin to tell you how foolish he looks. Let me point out that the business he works for has a pretty darn hot little front office gal that is 20-something – I mean she’s a head turner, though not an EMO – and well he’s out there having a smoke with her, so maybe he’s trying to dress young in order to mack on this girl… but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww – okay so I digressed, big shock there)… a lot too busy to compose a blog entry and now I am getting ‘where are you’ comments – so know this, I love being missed, it made my very busy day yesterday! And I love blogging and reading your blogs, and come June 3rd ish, I should be able to be more regular again – for now though you can read this, hope I find time to shower this week, think about my ducks Desi and Lucy, hope that I tell you that now I not only relate to Lois from Malcolm in the Middle, but also Tony Soprano… I will tell you about Desi and Lucy, soon really.


Jen said...

Whew. I figured you were being held hostage at the ballfield or something. I think the next time I feel like the boys have me running nutso I'm going to come back here and read this again. Yowza.

baseballmom said...

Yay! You're back! I feel your pain, and am glad that I only have 1 almost-out-of-preschool kid, and 1 fifth grader...actually, the fifth grader thing is like having a senior or something...they have so many end of the year activities. Good luck wrapping things up, and thanks for updating us!