Monday, May 08, 2006

tie dying and monkey shit coffee and the brat pack

I learned about monkey shit coffee this weekend, and I took this quiz that amused me.

So the tie dying, long over due I suppose, this being more than a week later. It is remarkable to me to observe how people's personalities reflect in their tie-dying style. The clean freaks, the little preppy perfectly ironed still skinny and fit "bitches" (I like them, I just hate them for not getting fat like me), they do little dots of color, the color never runs off of their shirts and all over every surface within 3 feet of them, they don't get it on their hands, and their shirts have a lot of white once they are untied and washed. In fact their shirts almost look "professional", and somehow I swear, they look ironed. The really hyper people, that bounce around from task to task, never quite finished with anything, they tend to soak their shirts, not a bit of white showing on the tied product (they still get some white when untied though), and use as many colors as they can, but, they are quick so they get it all around their work space, but they don't actually use half a bottle of dye and it isn't running off of the shirt like water. Then there were a couple of girls that really really really soaked their shirts, the dye running off of my driveway was almost comical, and I truly thought that they would end up with a solid shirt of one color... they didn't actually, the shirts turned out great (not white though)... heres the thing, these two girls have vastly different personalities, almost nothing in common. One is a toe head, hyper and bounces off of the walls, does little shitty things to get attention, over reacts to emotional upsets and gets overly angry and blames others when things don't go her way... under that though, she does have a very sweet nature, but she has to feel pretty safe to let it show. The other is a dark skinned, dark haired girl, with deep thoughtful brown eyes, mellow to the point of fading into the wallpaper, couldn't do a shitty thing on a dare, under reacts to anything emotional, so stoic you almost feel challenged by it, takes blame for things that aren't her fault, and wears her very sweet nature on her sleeve for all to see. So the shirts turned out quite cool... many different patterns, many different intensities of color, and yet similar because of the range of colors available to them. I am very excited to see people's reactions to their own creativity.

As to the monkey shit coffee (really you can google that term), a baseball mom told me about it (face it that phrase will be used ALL summer long, as those are the only people I have human contact with), I chose that particular hyperlink, because... the graphic of the civet poopin coffee beans was just delightful... I will tell you this, I might be tempted to try it (if someone else were paying, I'm too big of a tight ass to pay for starbucks, let alone $45/cup... if I pay that much for a beverage it had better have booze in it), but the main thing holding me back is, if the animal were an herbivore, then no problem at all.... but the thought of eating anything that a carnivore passed makes me shiver, and then if you look up palm civet, the little beast has stinky glands on it's rear, so we are talking a meat eating, skunky assed critter with a caffeine addiction ate and shit this stuff in a third world jungle and folks will drink it... this to me seems almost as dumb as trying to eat live octopus, except that according to all I've read it has a lovely taste, whereas octopus apparently tastes like nothing and it's really more the experience that people enjoy (wtf ever). Anyhow, this just goes to show that some things that sound like urban legend are true, and of course some things that sound true are indeed urban legend.

Now... the quiz, so my daughters were watching 'The Breakfast Club' - if you don't remember clearly for some reason (I'm not saying we all spent the 80's in a stupor, but if the shoe fits)... it is really a great movie, actually a couple of the 80's coming of age movies were... I also LOVE 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' - in fact more now that I am an adult. Anyhow, 'The Breakfast Club', btw, on family channel or whatever, Emilio Estevez and Judd whatever his name is get very dubbed, which was also amusing, especially when that geeky kid (Anthony Michael Hall?) tells the other one to watch his language and he just got dubbed to something you could utter from the pulpit of a mormon church... I laughed my ass off. So my daughters were watching the movie, and they asked me about 'the Brat Pack', and I really couldn't remember who was for sure a member and who was maybe a member and therefore which movies actually count as 'Brat Pack' movies, etc. So I googled it (GBG = God Bless Google, or Gotta Be Googled, or... make up your own?). Anyhow, I ran across this quiz, which I initially took as though it were still 1983 (ish), and I turned out to be 'Lisa', from 'Weird Science' - which really, if only I could have had hair like that... she was cool too, especially when she turned the older brother into that green hideous thing... that was 'excellent'. Then I took the quiz as I am today... and that was bad, really bad, I was sad and mortified... it (obviously incorrectly) told me I am 'Claire' from the 'Breakfast Club'... anyone who has seen me in the last 5 years or so knows that though I drive a much better car than ever before... my personal appearance could hardly qualify as anything Claire would ever ever do. I know he wasn't part of the brat pack, but I actually thought I might turn out as Spicoli, boy was I disappointed to be rated as a whiney superficial little pia princess.


moosema said...

Wish I could tell you who I am... but the quiz won't work for me. I keep pushing the button and it doesn't do anything!

As for the Monkey Shit Coffee - I'm not so sure I'd want to try it. I love coffee, but I'd have to draw the line at Feces...
Which reminds me of a funny story my third grader's teacher told me last week. The teacher doesn't like the kid's to say "crap" (he'd have a fit if he lived in my house). He was telling the kids to try to say "crumbs" instead. My son raised his hand and said "Well, would 'Feces' be okay?"
The teacher thought it was pretty funny.

momumo said...

Well I think feces beats the shit (yes pun intended) out of crumbs just for pure amusement value! I love that you have a kid that knows the word as being synonomous with crap, and that has the nads to ask the teacher if he can say it... I also have this visual of this kid on the playground and his ball goes out of bounds or whatever and he stomps his foot and says "oh feces" - still giggling!

edwardtaft9901560405 said...
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