Friday, March 10, 2006

wtf is he talking about?

I was killing some time, and when I kill time, I like to read a couple of blogs that belong to people I personally know. One is the Colorado Conservative... however he found an 8-5 paying job and has basically become the blogger that once was... never any new material, um, I'm not calling the kettle black, I know I don't update much either. The other is fairly good about updating, although apparently has an audience that really goes into withdrawal if he doesn't post like practically daily - I am understanding of this lull or that... anyhow, it is his blog that inspired my post today. I say that I know him personally, really that is an exaggeration, I should say that I knew him personally (in high school - which is of course license to say that you KNOW someone - when in fact you know some 17 year old kid that moved away and grew up into an adult without any real influence from you or the adult that you became without their influence) I should say, I knew him, and I have fond memories of some of the times we shared as we tried to walk that tightrope between youth and adulthood... I'm going to send you to his blog, so naming him isn't really a violation of privacy... Don was a funny funny guy all through junior high and high school, and he had some off the wall ideas of ways to have fun (dawn of the dead parties, if any of you find this, I hope it makes you smile), that generally turned out to be some of the better fun of a given weekend. Don was friends with just about everyone, basically non-judgemental (except to judge those who were judgemental), and creative as hell... we shared a couple of classes that turned out to be major forces in either molding who I became (English) or that I wish my children could experience (Rock History)... so, Don went away, became a version of himself that was always there but that really blossomed away from our little "home town" and in the company of people who were far more like him than any of us could ever have dreamt of being. And Don, unlike most of the people we went to school with, became something of the man he wanted to become... and it is his blog that I enjoy so often. I sometimes go weeks or months without reading it, then I will read it devoutly for a couple of weeks -- I think I like it because I see myself as one of the few people who know Don in a different way than most of his readers... so, Don hasn't posted for awhile, he came home to Colorado (I didn't see him, we don't know each other anymore... ) and he didn't post while he was here... well today he is back, and his post makes nearly NO sense to me... the words just swam around on the screen and I couldn't digest them at all... I know he came to visit his sister and her children, but I can't figure out at all what he is talking about, then he jumps to this comment about some sort of starter page... to start what? a blog? a webpage? your own porn site? tracking people down? I went there, they have sticky notes... red ones even... I didn't stay long. I have this blog (very easy to use) and I have a website that I am the webmistress of for work (I love that term "webmistress" - it makes me feel like putting on false eyelashes, a leather corsette, and bright red lipstick and announcing spooky b movies (Elvira is from around here also, she and I did NOT go to highschool together), I have no desire to start some page that will take a bunch of thought and brainpower... I love the internet because I don't have to use my brain as much as I use it for work or for parenting... OMG I should have posted about yesterday's parenting nightmare... nightmare may be strong... but I did just mention Elvira.

Check out this post from Don and tell me what you think he is talking about. Is this a positive comment on family or a negative one?

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