Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lent and then some...

Well, I figured out what to give up for lent, and it's not working out all that well (yes less than a week into it) - I gave up computer games between 9am and 9pm (except for lunch break)... well I've taken some pretty long lunch breaks, and I've justified playing after 9am a couple of times because I began working before 9am, so I give myself that time (ie. if I work from 7:30- 9:15) then I can play games from 9:15-11:00), and then 11:00 could be lunch time. Also plugging up the whole system was that my daughter was home sick almost every day last week, and well honestly it's really hard to stay motivated on my work with another human so nearby-fortunately I had major deadlines and didn't have a lot of choice or it would have been even worse. Then yesterday my son stayed home sick (oh please, he was so able to be at school, he just wanted a little of what his sister had) and my boss said "take a couple of days off or just do the minimum this week to make up for the hours on Saturday" - um, I work 20 hours per week, and I worked 20 hours on Saturday - so I guess I pretty much get the whole week off, except of course that won't actually work because of things like people wanting to get paid, etc. -- anyhow between Mr. "I'm sick but I can eat cookies" sitting around watching Lord of the Rings and the total exhaustion of the weekend and my boss' free pass, I pretty much took about a 5 hour lunch yesterday - however the intent of giving up the games for lent was so that they would stop interfering with my work, and well as I had the day off, how could they interfere? -- this is going worse than the F word last year!

Top that off with a couple of very upsetting personal events and I don't really give a damn about lent, or any other damn thing, including work, housework, bills, etc. I thought I felt like blogging my feelings and venting to my "unknown" (and probably non-existent) audience... but I don't feel like it now that the time is here.

Hey... but Gameblast has a version of Qbeez available, and it's pretty fun, lots and lots of levels, and the cutest little "powerups" - I don't think that is what Qbeez calls them, but you get the idea anyhow. The little guys that become cannons have cute little helmuts, makes me giggle. I think I'll take lunch early today, lol... it's 10:20 now, hmmm how early can I justify? Okay I'll do a little work first.

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