Friday, February 18, 2005

This Week

It's been a hectic week. Our new SUPER software has had issues, my kids have had issues, and it seems that everywhere I turn there's a new fire to put out or someone's nerves to calm or something going on that just pisses me off. I'm hoping for a little bit of recovery tonight while my family and I are Reeking Havoc at the NBA All Star festivities here in Denver. We got a really good deal on some tickets for the Rookie Challenge (they were free actually), so even though I think professional basketball is actually neither (neither professional nor basketball), I plan to enjoy watching my kids enjoy themselves. I didn't get my Godiva chocolates with a chance to win 52 new pair of shoes for Valentines - pout pout. Two out of three of my darling children are letting their grades slip - okay how about something stronger than slip, like dive off a cliff into an abyss. And when I went to Costco day before yesterday, my membership was up for renewal. The thing that pissed me off was that even though it expired in December, I hadn't used it since, so I was renewing in February. Wouldn't you think the renewal would be good through February of 2006. Well no it is not - it expires again in December. 1.5 months is not that big of a deal, but it just pissed me off. Actually it hasn't been that rough of a week, and I shouldn't complain, but it seemed like the way to go when I got started. I take it back, it's been hectic in some respects, but I'm leaving on time today, and that beats the hell out of last week!

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