Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Big Things Poppin'

So… I got this nasty gastro crud that’s been making the rounds. My friend who transcribes medical charts for a hospital says that she’s seen a lot of it coming through the ER charts. I’ve known half a dozen people who have had it. It really knocks you off your feet… I don’t want to be too graphic (not much embarrasses me, but body functions are just gross), lets just say I needed two receptacles for the stuff my body was purging for several hours. Of course it hit hours before my daughters graduation party, about 6pm the night before the party to be exact. Thank heavens, we were mostly done making preparations (which NEVER happens at our house), and my husband and kids were able to put the final touches on things. Of course I was up all night and completely exhausted, not to mention still quite a bit weak stomached for the event the next morning. Mother Nature in her wisdom, saw fit to give us the coldest day of the spring for our outdoor party as well! (maybe she was keeping folks away so they wouldn’t get the crud???)

Anyhow, probably because I pushed myself at that party… my crud sort of lingered, I wasn’t really sick, but I wasn’t really well for most of last week. My son, being the chip off the old block that he is (you can guess which block)… began playing music every time I would head into the bathroom. Sort of my own little soundtrack – he included songs like:

• Big Things Poppin’
• I like to Move It, Move It
• Sail Away
• Wipe Out
• Thick as a Brick
• This Could be the Last Time

I really can’t remember the others, but I have to tell you, there is nothing quite like being on the toilet in complete hysterics to make you feel much better about your plight!


baseballmom said...

OMG, poor you, but your son is FUNNY! I love goofy teenage boy stuff.

Popping Collars said...

Big Things Poppin is probably the funniest one he could've played.