Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Whining!

I have long been of the opinion that Americans are the BIGGEST whiners on the planet. We are almost competitive about it – ‘my whine is bigger and more important than yours’. We use things like ‘civil rights’ and ‘separation of church and state’ and ‘free speech’ as our excuses for this heinous behaviour. This week… I have of course (consider the season) heard a lot of whining about people saying ‘merry christmas’ rather than the politically correct ‘happy holidays’ – which by the way it could be argued is also not politically correct – by saying that you are assuming that they are not for example Jehovah’s Witnesses – who do not celebrate holidays. When people’s intentions are good, why must we find fault with their methods??? … also, and this one is a doozy – apparently the sweet little penguin(s?) in the new movie Happy Feet are racist or prejudicial or some damn thing… I heard this from Whoopi on her new syndicated radio show… which is a bit off, but as I scan through the stations (oops my turn to bitch… there is nothing but talk on Denver morning radio, you just change from morning show to morning show in a vain effort to find music… unless you like to wake up to Mexican Polka music – which I happen to like while drinking – but it’s not always my preference with coffee)… as I scan through the stations, she is on one of those below 100 FM – maybe 95.7??? – anyhow, she was stating how absurd and ridiculous it is that people must find fault in everything and I thought – yes exactly – I was driving down the highway pointing at my nose excitedly – I’m sure passersby thought I was losing it! So apparently, I haven’t seen the movie, but do stop to watch the very very cute commercials and plan to see it – whoever is responsible for animating it intentionally masked this deeper hideous prejudicial message… yeah, I’m sure that was the point of the film – not to make money or animate something with great skill and entertain people. Can’t we just have entertainment for entertainment’s sake??? Can’t we have good wishes for good wishes sake – I would not be offended if someone wished me happy solstice, happy Hanukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy Christmas, happy holidays, or even have a great December! So… tell me your experience with the most absurd whine that makes ‘news’ (ha! – There’s a subject, is the media reporting ‘news’ or providing some sort of molested version of current events in an attempt to fulfill some other agenda?).

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